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In order to comply with state laws, this event is BYOP (bring your own pot). *
We will send you a curated list of flower to purchase within 72 hours of the retreat at a select Portland dispensary. The amount will be less than 3 grams and will be market rate.
Accommodation Preference *
The retreat price includes transportation from central Portland to the retreat location and back. *
This allows for you to consume cannabis on the final day without worry.
We can have the Pax 2 from Smuggle Portland charged and waiting for you at the retreat.
"Potlandia" package includes: 2 nights accommodation in Central PDX, private transportation to and from airport and 2 custom excursions. Longer stays and tours can be arranged.
This retreat is a digital detox. Tell everyone you won't be reachable for the weekend. Do you agree? *